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I have a repository class, which loads a file from CSV. Since the CSV must be written to, I have it stored as a property in my repository to enable it to be modified in memory before being saved back to CSV format later. The repository class is the only accessible class in my data access layer.

My UI layer has a number of forms that all need access to the instantiated repository class, as it holds the live and potentially modified data. Currently, I keep pass the reference of this repository as an argument when creating any other forms. This feels wrong, and I don't like the excessive coupling, though the repository is being viewed as an interface, and I am unsure that my UI layer should be touching my data access layer.

Please could anyone suggest how I should be passing the in-memory data around? Would the singleton pattern be a good idea to keep calling a new repository? Should I be calling all the forms from my Business Layer?


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Data+(UI & logic) is pretty common pattern in WinForms. Of course if complexity increases you may need more separation (of responsibilities) introducing another layer. MVC? MVVM? Pass a reference to your data layer all around isn't such bad. Singleton may limit you in future (what if you want to open multiple files?). –  Adriano Repetti Jul 24 at 11:45

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