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I need to write a file uploader PPAPI plugin instead of using NPAPI in Chrome.

I extend the hello_nacl_cpp project in vs_addin example to test PPAPI and NaCl. The code is similar to this:


int32_t showSelectFileDialog() {
    pp::CompletionCallbackWithOutput< std::vector<pp::FileRef> > cb =

    int32_t ret = file_chooser_.Show(cb);

    return ret;

void onFilesSelected(int32_t result,
                     const std::vector<pp::FileRef>& files) {
    std::stringstream ss;

    if (result == PP_OK) {
        // ok
    } else {
        ss << "undo select file? error code: " << result;


It's ok if I select PPAPI platform and debug above code. But on NaCl64 platform, the result is PP_ERROR_NO_USER_GESTURE(-41). How can I fix this?

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/** * This value indicates failure due to lack of a user gesture such as a * mouse click or key input event. Examples of actions requiring a user * gesture are showing the file chooser dialog and going into fullscreen * mode. */ PP_ERROR_NO_USER_GESTURE = -41,

call showSelectFileDialog() in HandleInputEvent

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