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I implemented IDispatchMessageInspector and in method AfterReceiveRequest I can receive name of method (action) that calling from client like this request.Headers.Action. Can I found name of service that where this method was implemented? For example I have service Test and two methods Start and Stop and request.Headers.Action for this method like this request.Headers.Action "" and "" How Can I found name Test and possible this or impossible?

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How do you "receive name of method (action) that calling from client like this request.Headers.Action"? This always comes back null for me in AfterReceiveRequest. – uosɐſ Jul 20 '13 at 15:36

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I found suggestion: instanceContext.GetServiceInstance()returns name of service where implemented invoked method.

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The correct answer is request.Headers.To, because we received message from client TO web service and if we parse property TO we are going to know name of service. And instanceContext.GetServiceInstance() is created new instance of service and this incorrect behavior for return name of service.

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