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I am currently involved in designing and building a new software system. The multiple components will be running on Java EE7, with JBoss containers. We want to build it with an "event driven architecture" using multiple mutually unaware components. All components are communicating with a broker such as Fuse ESB. Naturally the "event driven architecture" will cause most of the processes to be happening asynchronously. Therefore there is none, or not always such a thing as a user-session, the way I see it.

We want to implement role-based authentication, but I don't understand how security & authentication can be correctly implemented. We want it to be implemented on every layer of each component in the landscape while maintaining the unawareness between them.

Is there a way to implement security within components? Or only on the broker?

Are there any standards or proven concepts?

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You could consider applying SAML policies to the components. By issuing a suitable SAML assertion, you could encapsulate roles a.d authorisation. I have done this successfully using WebSphere. –  Greycon Jul 24 '14 at 13:56
Very interesting, thank you lots! –  RoyB Jul 25 '14 at 6:51

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