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I have an Apache2 web server running PHP5, which is configured to store it's sessions in memcached (on localhost). Alongside, I have a NodeJS server, running only socket.io (and no http server), and I try to retrieve the PHP session data in NodeJS, using Memcached extension. Here's some (very very simplified) code: http://pastebin.com/ZUZN89Bt
The problem is the console shows: "trying to retrieve data... data not ok: false" many times, meaning I don't get any data from Memcached from NodeJS! (client-side, the Session ID I recieve is OK, I checked the cookies)
When I telnet Memcached and monitor what happens, here's what I get:

<29 new auto-negotiating client connection
29: Client using the ascii protocol
<29 add memc.sess.key.lock.7ajh4ne9r9n542b6vuf8efgri4 0 1406208867 1
<29 get memc.sess.key.7ajh4ne9r9n542b6vuf8efgri4<br>
>29 END
<29 set memc.sess.key.7ajh4ne9r9n542b6vuf8efgri4 0 1440 0
<29 delete memc.sess.key.lock.7ajh4ne9r9n542b6vuf8efgri4
<29 quit
<29 connection closed.

(this repeats each time I reload the page)

Where does this problem come from?
Why can't I retrieve data from Memcached?

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can you try isolating the code that fetches data from memcached? pastebin.com/wFwUc5wJ sessions.get(some_PHPSESSID, function(err, data) { console.log(err, data); } –  Jay Kumar Jul 31 '14 at 10:27
which npm module are you using to connect to memcached? –  Jay Kumar Jul 31 '14 at 10:45
I use the Memcached module to connect to it. I'll try putting only the code that fetches data from memcached, and I'll comment again when done –  MagixKiller Jul 31 '14 at 18:20

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