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I have a windows forms application using Compact Framework 3.5 where I made a custom control with a property of type Collection.

When I edit the property's value in the designer the following code is generated:

this.cncComboBox1.CncItemsCollection = ((System.Collections.Generic.Collection<string>)(resources.GetObject("cncComboBox1.CncItemsCollection")));

Which raises a NotSupportedException in runtime

Now, I really need to allow my component's users to set this property within the windows forms designer, is there any way to fix it? Why is this wrong code being generated anyway?

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You can prevent property from being coded like this by designer (see this) and fill some other property as CncItemsCollection is changed, which will be coded by designer and will init CncItemsCollection in return. I don't know compact framework limitations, but in worst case you may have to serialize/deserialize string. –  Sinatr Jul 24 at 14:32

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