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I want to study how processes are scheduled in Linux kernel with recording traces such as :

  1. The scheduler preempts the thread "a" to give the hand to the thread "b" at time t
  2. Releasing a lock by the thread "a" and waking up the thread "b" at time t.

For the first point and because i'm not interested in real time scheduling (at this point) i will modify the the CFS Scheduler, defined in kernel/sched/fair.c, add some printk whenever the current process is preempted.

And for the second point i'm actualy studying the kernel/locking/mutex.c, kernel/locking/semaphore.c and kernel/locking/spinlock.c files.

p.s. i have an avg knowledge on how task_struct works, and i have the total freedom on how to manipulate the kernel code (no need for portability here, X64, linux 2.6).

I would like to know if i'm heading in the right direction, any help will be appreciated and TIA.

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You're not asking anything specific. Can you rephrase your question to describe what is it that you are trying to achieve ? –  cnicutar Jul 24 at 15:35

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