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Using AS3 and AIR 14. I have a function (save()) that saves a username after user login and a function (get()) that gets the username every time the App is restarted so the user doesn't have to log back in and can work offline. This works on my iPad 2 and 3, but I have another iPad 3 that this does not work on. When the App is fully closed and reopened the "username" is not held onto. Is it my code or the device?

All 3 devices have iOS 7 and stay up-to-date. This problem just started a couple weeks ago and had been working fine on all devices.


public var saveData:PersistenceManager = new PersistenceManager();

public function save():void
saveData.setProperty("username", txtUsername.text);;

public function get():void
  var username:String = null;

     //This comes back null on one iPad but not the others
  username = saveData.getProperty("username").toString();
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Could have to do with the iPad being low on memory. Removing Apps and clearing space seems to help with this issue.

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