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I made these codes to backup files :

set p=C:\Users\
for /f %%a in ('dir C:\Users\ /b') do (
if not "%%a"=="Public", (
set fileDest=C:\Backup-%%a_%date:~7,2%.%date:~4,2%.%date:~10,4%
If Not Exist "%fileDest%" mkdir "%fileDest%"
set "fullPath=%p%%%a%"
xcopy "%fullPath%" %fileDest% /e /h /y /k
rem call blah.bat

When I test it under cmd of Windows 7 , it works great!!

When I try it under MS-DOS(VirtualBOX) it does not

It gives me these errors :

enter image description here

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I'm afraid it is normal. What is your version of MS/DOS ? –  Serge Ballesta Jul 24 at 16:25
MS-DOS didn't support spaces or long filenames until the last versions, so it didn't support double-quotes either. What version of DOS are you using in VirtualBox? –  Ken White Jul 24 at 16:32
MS-DOS Version 6.22 –  eawedat Jul 24 at 16:46
not sure, but I think, MS-DOS does not support any parameters with for. You can check with for /? –  Stephan Jul 24 at 18:25
@Stephan yeah , "for" works! –  eawedat Jul 24 at 18:30

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