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How can I only allow the characters W, L, and D in a string? I have written this

if ((strpos($input, 'w') === false) 
 && (strpos($input, 'd') === false) 
 && (strpos($input, 'l') === false)) { 

 $answer = "FALSE";

} else {

 $answer = "TRUE";


but this only works if all the characters are W, L, D or none of the characters are W, L or D. I cant work out how to get it to spot when just some of the characters are incorrect.


wwwlld = TRUE (correct)
12aab6 = FALSE (correct)
www44d = TRUE (incorrect, this needs to be FALSE as it contains '44')

Any help much appreciated.


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This is a classic example of requiring regular expressions, which are the preg_match function in PHP.

You probably want to use something like the following

$pattern = '/^[wdl]*$/';

This would only match a string where between the start and the end of the string, 0 or more characters in the set w, d or l.

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You can use regular expressions for this using the pattern ^[wdl]+$:

$values = array('wwwlld', '12aab6', 'www44d');

foreach($values as $value)
  echo $value;
  if (preg_match('/^[wdl]+$/', $value))
    echo " = TRUE\n";
    echo " = FALSE\n";

Output of the above:

wwwlld = TRUE
12aab6 = FALSE
www44d = FALSE

Online demo here.

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Cheers, that exactly what I was looking for. – Rosie Huntington-Whiteley Jul 24 '14 at 16:48
$subject = "wwwlld";
preg_match('/^[wdl]+$/', $subject, $matches);
echo ($matches) ? 'TRUE' : 'FALSE';


//wwwlld = TRUE
//12aab6 = FALSE
//www44d = FALSE
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