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After giving up on installing EMBOSS on windows platform, I installed it on Lubuntu after I copied and unziped the EMBOSS-6.5.7.tar.gz in my the library folder for python 2.7 which is within the anaconda interpreters folder (since I'm using spyder IDE for python) then I navigated to that directory using lubuntu terminal and typed the following commands:



after that in a folder named scripts I created three files


in a file alpha.fasta, and secondly in a file beta.fasta:


and a third file called needle.py containing the following script:

from Bio.Emboss.Applications import NeedleCommandline
needle_cline = NeedleCommandline(asequence="alpha.faa", bsequence="beta.faa",
                                  gapopen=10, gapextend=0.5,outfile="needle.txt")

all this script is doing is that it's printing whats saved in needle_cline which is:

needle -outfile=needle.txt -asequence=alpha.faa -bsequence=beta.faa -gapopen=10 -gapextend=0.5

however I was hopping that I would get a fourth file named needle.txt which would contain the two sequences of contained in the files alpha.fasta and beta.fasta that are aligned together. I cant figure out why this function is not working, even though I have installed Biopython and EMBOSS. Thanks!

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