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Is there anyway to get the alt tag to display quicker?

Also, I notice it doesn't show in all browsers. I know I should craft a javascript tooltip but I am looking for something really lite with minimal code.

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alt is an attribute, not a tag. For a tooltip, you should use the title attribute. –  SLaks Mar 22 '10 at 16:32
There's nothing in the spec for alt attributes to be displayed as tooltips—it just so happens that IE displays them that way. The title attribute is probably what you want. –  Will Mar 22 '10 at 16:33
To add to this: Think alt means alternative. In other words, if the img doesn't load or my users can't see it (sight-impaired users), what Alternative text do I want to display? If it's a graphic with words like "Buy Now!" alt='Buy now' would be a good choice. If it's a graphical element: alt='' is great. –  Armstrongest Mar 22 '10 at 16:37
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The alt attribute is meant to show up if the img is NOT shown. You probably want to use the title attribute if you're specifying tooltips.

How fast it displays is browser ( or OS ) dependent. You can't control it with html or CSS.

A good alternative would be to program a javascript alternative with jQuery.

See this page for some ideas:


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The speed at which an alt tag displays is a function of the browser software and possibly OS-based settings. You're only going to get a faster response with a custom script.

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You can use Tooltips to show the Title Attribute faster and nicer :) Not Alt...

Here is a good Tutorial with more than 25 examples...

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