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I'm trying to do p4 sync -f on an ubuntu Vagrant box, but that just gives me a stream of "open for write: [filename]: Permission denied". If I do sudo p4 sync -f, I immediately get the error "User root doesn't exist." How should I go about debugging this? This problem does not exist when I use sudo with other commands.

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what does su -c "your commands..." give you? you need root password, rather than user password, as you'd use with sudo, when prompted. try first: su -c whoami –  Deleted User Jul 24 at 19:47
That command prompts me for a password, unlike sudo. It seems to be part of vagrant's configuration that sudo does not require a password and root is given a random password. –  giraffe Jul 24 at 20:26
sure, sudo doesn't prompt you for a password, but says "User root doesn't exist". There are ways to disable password for specific users, and execute without prompt. You may want to look at /etc/pam.d/su. Why sudo complains, I can't tell you. Probably "configuration issue" - I suggested su to see whether the same problem shows. As it doesn't, the problem seems to be with sudo –  Deleted User Jul 24 at 20:37
for sudo you want to look at visudo to modify the sudoers file. Do not edit directly. It will define what users/groups are allowed to use sudo. The file /etc/pam.d/su controls what is required to su to another user. (root by default). If during install you did not setup a traditional root account, but went with an admin users, that may change the configuration you need to get sudo working. Not creating a traditional root account is about the only thing I can think of that would give root doesn't exist. Some of the other distros give the admin install options as well. –  David C. Rankin Jul 24 at 23:39
To confirm, this error message does not come from Perforce. (My original thought was that Perforce was assuming a P4USER of 'root', but if it were, you would see the message Access for user 'foobar' has not been enabled by 'p4 protect'.) –  daxelrod Jul 26 at 3:33

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sudo p4 -u YOURUSERNAME sync -f

so that the Perforce command is executing under your Perforce user name rather than "root".


  • set P4USER in your environment explicitly
  • chown/chmod the files so you can write to them without sudo
  • create (and give permission to) a Perforce user named "root"
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