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I am quite new to endpoints, but I am struggling to learn due to some poorly described build errors.

I had previously gone through the tutorial at https://developers.google.com/appengine/docs/java/endpoints/) using the command line and maven to deploy. It's a very simple single hello-world style function, which ran fine from the API explorer.

I then installed Android Studio 0.8.2, and created an "app-engine java endpoints module", and pasted in my api java code.

When i try to compile my project using gradle appengineUpdate or appengineEnpointsInstallClientLibs, it always fails with the following message:

"There was an error running endpoints command get-client-lib: my.class.name"

This seems to be the extent of the diagnostic info. I have read all the logs and attempted to run from the command line using --stacktrace, and have gained no further information as to why the get-client-lib fails.

I have also run endpoints.sh which reports "Error: my.class.name". It may be a path or class name error but I have no way of diagnosing.

I had read somewhere on stackoverflow to change the endpoints sdk to 1.9.3 (from 1.9.6) but this didn't make any obvious difference.

Hoping that someone can give tips on how to troubleshoot this!


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I did figure out that in web.xml I had provided the packagename and forgot to append the classname. So now I am able to build. However, I think my question still stands.... is there a better way to diagnose build errors? Especially with the Endpoints tools? –  Controlsfreek Jul 24 '14 at 23:44

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