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I am trying to set up a neural network in Python (using PyBrain) for prediction purposes. I already set one up with a small, mock dataset, but when expanding this network to work for larger datasets, I run into an issue regarding an AssertionError. Here is my code:

ds = ClassificationDataSet(231, 1)

for x in range(inputData[0].size):
     ds.addSample(inputData[:,x], inputAnswers[x])

network = buildNetwork(191, 128, 1, bias=True, hiddenclass=TanhLayer)
trainer = BackpropTrainer(network)

and here is the error message I receive:

File "ANN_rawData.py", line 45, in <module>
File "[path]", line 22, in setData
assert dataset.indim == self.module.indim

What does this error mean, and how could I fix it? Thank you in advance!

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Lazy "solution": disable all assertions by running the script with the -O flag. –  Kevin Jul 24 at 19:31

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The assert statement checks if a condition is true. In this case, if the inner dimension (indim) of your network is the same as your dataset, ds. Because they aren't, the error is raised:

>>> ds = ClassificationDataSet(231, 1)
>>> network = buildNetwork(191, 128, 1, bias=True)
>>> assert ds.indim == network.indim   # 231 != 191, error!

To fix it:

Make sure that your network and ds have the same inner dimensions, as for example:

>>> ds = ClassificationDataSet(191, 1)
>>> network = buildNetwork(191, 128, 1, bias=True)
>>> assert ds.indim == network.indim # 191 == 191, okay!
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thank you very much! :) –  user3847447 Jul 24 at 20:48
Better: network = buildNetwork(ds.indim, 128, ds.outdim, bias=True) –  Isaac Supeene Dec 10 at 0:52

The assert statement checks a condition and returns a boolean value. The AssertionError is telling you that the result of assert dataset.indim == self.module.indim was false, putting the code in error, thus returning the Assertion error. If this is an expected condition for the code you are inputting, catch the exception and continue.

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The assertion error is from module, not his own code. –  Banana Jul 24 at 19:31

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