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I have a Git repository with about 4 branches. They are put up on GitHub. I recently created a new branch, named "demo2Full". Since creating that, I am unable to push to an earlier branch called "bugfixes". Here is what I did to create the new branch:

  1. Created new branch "demo2Full" on GitHub, that is same as "bugfixes".
  2. git remote add demo2Full git@github-user:user/project_demo2Full.git
  3. On local machine: git branch demo2Full & git checkout demo2Full.

After that I switched back to "bugfixes" with git checkout bugfixes without any issues.

Now, when I do: git push origin bugfixes, I get the following error:

ERROR: Repository not found.
fatal: Could not read from remote repository.

Please make sure you have the correct access rights
and the repository exists.

I have gone through a number of links, including this one on GitHub. The SSH part works, and I have also checked the remotes with git remote -v and the config file at .git/config and found that there are no spelling mistakes etc. in the links.

Where am I going wrong?

Also, having a separate entry in the config file for each branch like:
git@github-userName:userName/projectName_branchName.git is correct?

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It's weird though, if you already have an earlier branch called "bugfixes", then the command git branch bugfixes should normally have given you the following error fatal: A branch named 'bugfixes' already exists. So either I misunderstand or you are confusing repo's and branches in your question. Please clarify. –  montecruiseto Jul 24 at 20:58
Why would we get that error? git branch bugfixes is used to switch from one branch to the other... right? –  Sriram Jul 24 at 21:06
git branch (branchname) is for creating a new branch. git checkout (branchname) is for switching (gitref.org/branching) –  montecruiseto Jul 24 at 21:11
oops! you are right. i had added that mistakenly. the 'fatal: branch already exists' error did pop up when i tried to do git branch bugfixes. i will edit that in the question. –  Sriram Jul 24 at 21:15
Cool, but still unclear to me. You're talking about a branch "bugfixes" but at first you state "I am unable to push to an earlier repository called "bugfixes"" –  montecruiseto Jul 24 at 21:18

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Try changing the URL to git@github.com:<username>/<repo_name>.git. Ideally your .git/config should non-exhaustively include something like this -

[remote "origin"]
        url = git@github.com:<username>/<project_name>.git
        fetch = +refs/heads/*:refs/remotes/origin/*
[branch "master"]
        remote = origin
        merge = refs/heads/master

There's no need to add a remote alias for each branch. There's and should be only one alias for your repository on github.

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I just pushed a change to another repo where the url was named like: git@github-username:username/projectName.git. This, I think, uses the ssh and not https as you suggest? –  Sriram Jul 24 at 21:29
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The .git/config file had an "incorrect" entry.

The origin was listed as: url = git@github-userName:userName.

Changing that to : url = git@github-userName:userName/projectName.git rectified the error.

I am still not clear about how that change happened in the first place.

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