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I am trying to do a cross domain call using Polymer and the core-ajax component. I keep getting back No 'Access-Control-Allow-Origin' header is present on the requested resource. My code for the component is below

    <core-ajax id="ajax"

If I use jQuery and the following snippet, it works


So I guess my question is what voodoo magic is jQuery using that Polymer is not and how do I get around it? I have checked the console and everything looks identical (headers, params etc).

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It would be useful to see which headers are sent (especially if the Access-Control-Allow-Origin is sent, and what its value is...) –  thebjorn Jul 24 at 21:17
jQuery is using jsonp. It looks like polymer has a jsonp example here but I don't know enough about polymer to know if that will help you. –  Jason P Jul 24 at 21:17
Awesome! I thought the ajax component would have jsonp integrated into it. Maybe I was missing an option or something. Anyhow thanks for pointing me to the jsonp component itself. Works perfectly. –  TYRONEMICHAEL Jul 25 at 9:20
Does jsonp works ? –  zdarsky.peter Dec 9 at 18:24

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As the aptly named Jason P points out in the comments above, you can use polymer-jsonp here.

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