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I have an ASP.NET web application that is using forms authentication. Everything is configured and working correctly. However, i'm dealing with the issue of creating and maintaining users and role membership.

I know that I can roll my own solution but I'm wondering if there is an alternative solution?

Does iis7 provide screens for managing forms authentication users? Is there a reliable, free solution that someone would recommend?


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Not a solution, but a temporary workaround...

In Visual Studio there is Website -> "ASP.NET Configuration" menu item that will start a little administration app where you can manage users and roles. However, this is very rudimentary, and VERY slow.

I don't know how much time you had, but the framework for FormsAuthentication is good and you would only need to create a few forms to "roll your own". I've actually been thinking about making something like this for a long time, but usually the built in Configuration utility is enough, or the CMS' we work with have their own authentication management modules.

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the problem is that the customer needs to manage users and the visual studio admin app won't be available. – yamspog Mar 22 '10 at 20:15

With Asp.Net MVC, you can try the mvcmembership starter kit.

What would be really cool if someone implemented all this into a Portable Area.

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I have been unable to find anything with IIS7 that would allow management of forms-authentication users.

However, I have found the following alternatives...



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