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I thought I would be able to find a tutorial for this, but no luck so far.

I'm trying to use matshow to display a matrix. Currently I have the matrix as a pandas dataframe with the following types of data: 1. string 2. binary 1/0 (int) 3. int (ranging 0-5)

I'd ultimately like to show those three sections of data alongside each other in a figure (similar to the matrix and left-hand bar portions of this image). I'm assuming I'll need to plot each one separately in 3 different subplots; is that correct?

I'd also like to plot each datatype with a different colormap.

I have no problem displaying section #2 alone (as black/white).

Sections #1 and #3 are each one-dimensional (one column of my pandas dataframe).

I've attemped to use matshow, imshow, and spy to display section #3, but I get errors because it is one-dimensional. Is there a way to do this?

Section #1 has 6 possible string entries. Is there a way to assign each string to a color and display it directly in matplotlib, or will I need to convert it to numerical data first?

I realize I've now asked 3 questions and I'm not sure whether this is easier to answer tutorial-style or by addressing each question separately. Please let me know if I should make a new post for each separate question.

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