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So, I'm trying to make a link which has a class and some text with the given link. Here's the code -

= link_to((session[:request_id] ? 'Save & Exit': 'Exit'), "/account/#{@name}", :id => 'cancel-application', :class => "cancel-application")

What I want is that I get a link to this class called "cancel-application", which is actually a small cancel image. In front of it, I want to get "Save & Exit" or "Exit" depending on the session. The "Save & Exit" or "Exit" button should also be linked. Something like this -

[cancel button] "Exit" (where both link to the same place)

Right now, what this code does, is put the image and the text on top of each other, which makes sense. So, what I thought of doing was put the session id in a variable and then put it after the link like this -

= @exit_text = session[:request_id] ? 'Save & Exit': 'Exit'
= link_to("/account/#{@name}", :id => 'cancel-application', :class => "cancel-application") @exit_text

This doesn't work. I was wondering how I could do something like that.

EDIT - I found a solution, although I feel there can be better ones.

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You can still do this with one link:

= link_to "/store/#{@name}", :id => 'cancel-application' do
  = session[:request_id] ? 'Save & Exit' : 'Exit' 

link_to can accept the block which is captured to build link's inner html. When you pass the block, you do not pass links label.

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I just used two link_to. I guess there's no way to do it in one link_to:

 = link_to("", "/account/#{@name}", :id => 'cancel-application', :class => "cancel-application")

 = link_to((session[:request_id] ? 'Save & Exit': 'Exit'), "/account/#{@name}", :id => 'cancel-application')
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You don't need to put "[Solved]" in the answer. Just select it as the accepted answer once SO says it's OK. –  the Tin Man Jul 24 '14 at 23:15
In the question you told that those links are point to the same direction, your solution contains two different paths. Is this correct? –  BroiSatse Jul 25 '14 at 11:58
@BroiSatse no they are intended to point to the same direction. –  addybist Jul 25 '14 at 17:26

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