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How to specify nonStandardJsDocs at Build.scala to turn off the warning of js compile warnings from google compiler?

I tried this

closureCompilerOptions += "nonStandardJsDocs=OFF"

or this

closureCompilerOptions ++= Seq("--jscomp_off", "nonStandardJsDocs"),

but it doesn't work.

Here is the error when I run play dist: println
WARNING: /myfolder/modules/web-front/app/assets/js/vendor/ng-tags-input/ng-tags-input.js:374: WARNING - Parse error. illegal use of unknown JSDoc tag "ngdoc"; ignoring it
 * @ngdoc directive
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You can use the --extra_annotation_name arg to suppress warnings for Angular annotations. The following works (tried in compiler version v20140814):

--extra_annotation_name ngdoc --extra_annotation_name restrict
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