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I have a login system that I would like to introduce to my subsites on my web server but users are not getting redirected back to their correct place after login.

Right now the SSO sends the user to -


So the user keeps getting redirected back to site.com even though the returnurl is set for a subdirectory. Not sure what the next step is here. The SSO company is telling me my code is right and it is a server issue.

Code snippet below. Please tell me if you need more.

define('SSO_REDIRECT', 'https://sso.com/login/sso/SSOService?app=' . SSO_APP_ID . '&returnurl=' . urlencode('https://site.com/sandbox/subsite'));

// Start authentication and authorization
if (!isset($_SESSION['USER_ID']) && !isset($_POST['digest'])) {
    // We've got no session and we've not returned from SSO, so let's redirect to SSO
    header('Location: ' . SSO_REDIRECT);
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Once your session variables are set, output them to double check they're set correctly. Then try and access the return URL directly what happens? –  Anagio Jul 24 '14 at 23:52
Your code appears to show a redirect to sso.com, but you say it's being redirect to the root of site.com? Is the sso.com URL expected to issue another redirect based on the redirecturl parameter? –  w3d Jul 25 '14 at 0:28

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