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Is there a way that I can make a program re-open itself when it closes?

I have this program that runs; and it gets a pop up; when you press okay it closes the program. I know I can start any executable with a batch, but how would I make it run all on it's own when it detects the program has closed?

I am able to start the program with this code:

@echo off
start "" "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winstep\WinstepXtreme.exe"

But I want this batch file to launch when WinstepXtreme.exe terminates.

UPDATE: okay so the suggested code works but its activating non stop making the PC unable to do certain thing's, also the cmd window stay opne but i fixed that. in my process list there are two files: Nextstart.exe and Workshelf.exe, not sure if there is a code command where you can type, if "workshelf.exe" doe sent exist then start workshelf.exe? If Not Exist "%ProgramFiles(x86)%" Goto???


@echo off

:Restart start "Edit Text" /wait "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winstep\WorkShelf.exe"

goto restart

adding workshelf.exe instead of winstep made it stable, winstep exe launches a) next start and b) workshelf, only needed workshelf to restart but i can add multiple directory's of thing's to restart if closed.

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You would have to make a hidden batch file to do this, which checked if the process is still alive. What is the name of the process? –  Monacraft Jul 25 at 2:01
WinstepXtreme.exe –  Austin Schlee Jul 25 at 3:05
it's in program files (x86) and i want it to open as soon as it closes –  Austin Schlee Jul 25 at 3:06

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A simple solution would be

@echo off
start "Winstep Xtreme" /wait "C:\Program Files (x86)\Winstep\WinstepXtreme.exe"
goto Restart

The batch file remains open now all the time. The execution of the batch file is halted as long as Winstep Xtreme is running. Once this application terminates itself, the execution of the batch file continues with starting Winstep Xtreme again.

You hopefully do not use this batch file just to workaround the limitations of the trial version of Winstep Xtreme.

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Thank you so much, and of course not, this will come in handy with other thing's as well; thank you –  Austin Schlee Jul 25 at 10:11
it work's perfect, one samall issue, my mouse is non stop spinning due to the goto command, like a loop thing going on here...hmmm not sure what to do, at first the batch opens a black cmd window and stays open so it can restart the process; so what i did was use my bat to exe converter (which has a run as hidden tick box) so now it runs hidden, just a spinning circle next tp the mouse now –  Austin Schlee Jul 25 at 10:43
I replaced third line in batch code by start "Edit Text" /wait "%windir%\Notepad.exe" and executed the batch file. There is no problem with mouse pointer independent of Notepad, the command prompt window of the batch file, or any other application is the active application. So this issue is not caused by this batch code and therefore I cannot suggest a solution on how to avoid the spinning circle mouse pointer. –  Mofi Jul 25 at 11:01
hmm... i can't seem to use my PC that much, it's hard to use thing's like if or example when i click my tray it closes right away... –  Austin Schlee Jul 25 at 11:19
very interesting that you can make a program reopen, yes; i believe it is the program itself as well, hence you are right, it does not "spin" with notepad. thank you so much. :) –  Austin Schlee Jul 26 at 11:18

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