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Hey all the following code searches for a span that has an inner text of "Ex: Bob" and goes back one element (which would be the input element).

  class="dijitReset dijitTextBox notDojoDndHandle" 
  style="max-width: 2.5em; width: 90%;">

  class="dijitPlaceHolder dijitInputField" 
  style="max-width: 2.5em; width: 90%;">
  Ex: Bob

and the JS:

dojo.query("span.dijitPlaceHolder.dijitInputField").forEach(function(node, index, arr){
      if (node.innerHTML === 'Ex: Bob') {
          var foundIt = dojo.query(node).prev();

          dojo.addClass(foundIt, "testClass");

Instead of what I need it to do:

class="dijitReset dijitTextBox notDojoDndHandle testClass" It still has this:

class="dijitReset dijitTextBox notDojoDndHandle"

Questions is: How can I get that input's ID from the node? (foundIt) since I need a ID in order for the .addClass to work.

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Several things to notice here:

Be sure that the DOM is loaded

To do that, wrap your code inside a dojo.addOnLoad() function, for example:

dojo.addOnLoad(function() {
    // Your code

Trim your text

You're verifying if the inner HTML is "Ex: Bob", however, currently your inner HTML also contains some newline characters and probably some tabs as well (because you put it on a new line). To fix that, you should trim your content before comparing, for example:

if (node.innerHTML.trim() === 'Ex: Bob') {
    // Your code

dojo.query returns a dojo.NodeList

The dojo.query module returns a dojo.NodeList, which is not compatible with the dojo.addClass() function which requires either an ID or a DOM node.

A dojo.NodeList actually is an array of DOM nodes, so you could write something as:

var foundIt = dojo.query(node).prev();
dojo.addClass(foundIt[0], "testClass"); // Retrieve the element at index 0

Or even better, the dojo.NodeList also has a function called addClass() which applies to these lists, for example:

dojo.query(node).prev().addClass("testClass"); // Short and easy

Be sure to include the proper modules

The dojo.NodeList::prev() functionality requires dojo.NodeList-traverse to be loaded, while the dojo.NodeList::addClass() functionality requires dojo.NodeList-dom to be loaded. I don't know which modules you actually have to list, but I started with Dojo myself since 1.7 and I have the habit to list all modules, for example:


If you did all that, your code should work, as you can see in the following fiddle: http://jsfiddle.net/69TDn/

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What you have done must already be working w.r.t. addClass method. Because dojo.addClass takes A DOM node or its node id (as a string) as its first parameter. Refer this. Dojo.query returns the dom node and this is the second parameter. If it is not working for you I would suggest, you check the dojo.query method with console.log to check if you are infact getting the right node you intended to modify. May be that is not right.

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