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I would like to automate updating from SourceForge. This was working for a while


However I realized that the RSS feed has a max of 100 items. So if the chosen path was last updated before that then it will not be on RSS, and will return

500 Internal Server Error

§ File Releases

So can I access a SourceForge file list with another "API"? I would prefer to not have to scrape the page like an animal.

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This is a workaround, but PowerShell can easily parse HTML

$base = Invoke-WebRequest 'http://sourceforge.net/projects/msys2/files/Base/x86_64'

Example, get latest file

$base.Links | ? class -eq name | select -fir 1 -exp href

Get latest file matching tar

$base.Links | ? href -match tar | select -fir 1 -exp href
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