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I am using Neo4jClient on my ASP.Net c# project to query and get data from the neo4j server. I can see that neo4j itself allows us to have various nodes of same type have different set of properties defined on them.

e.g. an Person Node can have {Name, Age, Sex, Country} as a common field but some of them can also have additional properties like {Profession, EducationLevel, Title}.

So I was wondering if there is a way I can read all the properties of the node in a single query where it returns the properties as Key-value pair or any other such means so that I don't have to define classes for each combination.

Regards Kiran

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It is in the Incoming list of functions, but I don't know the progress for this :


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this feature is still missing, which is quiet bad. a possible workaround could be to know all properties you have ever used ( {allYourProps} ), and send them as a parameter like:

START n=node(*)
WHERE filter( node in n WHERE all( prop in {allYourProps} WHERE has(node[prop])))


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