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I am having a problem and I’m wondering if its a bug or something thats just not implemented yet because its very simple.

I have created a 3 step form and I am using Sometimes|required (piped validation rules) and everything else gets validated when present in form submissions apart from check boxes and radio buttons, they are ignored but I still need them to be required. If I take out the sometimes rule then obviously the field is required in step 1 even if the field is in step 3’s form. Again, its a 3 step form so I need the radio and checkbox to be required just not in every step, only the step they are in.

Is there another way to write a custom validation to require the check box and radio button sometimes WITHOUT using the Sometimes validation rule? (I'm thinking using a different method of validation might help)

My View

@foreach($rooms as $room)
    {{ HTML::image($room->pic1, "the pic alt", array('width'=>'100', 'class'=> 'img-responsive')) }}

    {{ Form::radio('chosen_room', $room->id, false, array('class'=>'roomradio')) }}
    <h5>{{ $room->room_name }}</h5>  

My Model with the Rules

class Reservation extends Eloquent {

protected $fillable = array(
'checkin', 'checkout', 'number_of_adults', 'number_of_kids_b6', 'number_of_kids6_15', 'chosen_room', 'first_name', 'last_name', 'email', 'termsAgree');

public static $rules = array(

    'first_name'=> 'sometimes|required|alpha',
    'last_name'=> 'sometimes|required|alpha',
    'email' => 'email|sometimes|required',
    'termsAgree' => 'sometimes|accepted'

public function category(){
    return $this->belongsTo('Room');


My Controller

  public function step2() {

  $validator = Validator::make($data = Input::all(), Reservation::$rules);

  if ($validator->passes())
    $room_id = intval(Input::get('chosen_room'));

    Session::Put('chosenroom', $room_id);

    // do some other stuff

    return View::make('reservations.step3');

return Redirect::back()
        ->with('message', 'Something went wrong, please review your input')
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You should post your solution from here and accept it as the right answer: laravel.io/forum/… It helped me out! –  mopo922 Dec 12 '14 at 4:02
i don't think i got a solution.... maybe laravel 5 fixes that problem hopefully... –  Anthony Cha Dec 13 '14 at 6:01
The hidden field with the same element name is a great workaround, at least. –  mopo922 Dec 14 '14 at 19:54

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