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I have a batch script that, amongst other things, matches a filename on one csv (which also contains other data) to the file directory and filename on another csv. What I want is for any filenames that don't match up to be output into another csv so that I know of any that aren't present on either csv. The part of the code that does that match is below:

dir "C:\Test\*.tif" /b /s >> "C:\Test\input3.csv"

setlocal EnableDelayedExpansion

< input2.csv (
  for /F "delims=" %%a in (input3.csv) do (
  set /P line2=
  echo %%a,!line2!
) > input4.csv

Any help much appreciated!

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As far as i can see the code above only merges input2.csv and input3.csv in to input4.csv, if this is the case why not just do a formula in input4.csv to match columnA (Output from input2.csv) and columnB (Output from input3.csv) ?


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