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I have a query on the usage of windows form in excel add-in, application level.

Objective Statement: Display customized windows form control, similar to a way a chart is being inserted into excel

  1. Custom Pane I have tried custom pane add-in but it seems to be on a entire workbook level, i need something on a worksheet level

  2. Task Pane I can't seem to use the task pane in application add-in for excel

  3. Windows Form Control When I click on a cell in excel i will lose focus to the windows form, i will need the windows to be together with the worksheet, but i can't use showdialog.

Thanks for the help in advance.

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From your answer it is hard for me to figure out if you we are looking at a code solution here or something more high level, so I am going to assume that you are looking for a code solution, please correct me if I am wrong.

Have you considered using an OLE object or ActiveX?

There is an example from Microsoft here, how to develop an ActiveX control. (Here is some other walkthrough that I found helpful).

Just to give you a hint how it (the example mentioned above) looks like, here is the screenshot of the compiled example that I added onto the excel sheet:

activex in excel example

ActiveX control can be added both manually, or by code, so I could imagine that you could also provide a COM Excel Add-in that would add some buttons onto the ribbon, that when pressed, would add the desired controls onto the sheet.

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