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I have a user-defined table type. I want to check it's existence before editing in a patch using OBJECT_ID(name, type) function.

What type from the enumeration should be passed for user-defined table types?

N'U' like for user defined table doesn't work, i.e. IF OBJECT_ID(N'MyType', N'U') IS NOT NULL

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You can look in sys.types or use TYPE_ID:


Just a precaution: using type_id won't verify that the type is a table type--just that a type by that name exists. Otherwise gbn's query is probably better.

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I was naively trying to do IF OBJECT_ID(N'MyType', 'TT') IS NULL with no success, but your solution worked. –  Allon Guralnek Apr 18 '13 at 7:23
The 'TT' enumeration only works in sql server 2012 or later (as i just found out) –  Iain Jul 29 at 1:34
IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.types WHERE is_table_type = 1 AND name = 'MyType')

sys.types... they aren't schemabound objects so won't be in sys.objects

Update, Mar 2013

You can use TYPE_ID too

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I believe your second comment is inaccurate. If I'm not mistaken, User-Defined Types are indeed schema-scoped (The Schema_ID is in fact one of the attributes in the sys.types table you linked to; this is why they can be referenced as [dbo].[myUDType]). Nevertheless, you are correct that UD types are not listed in sys.objects, and therefore not accessible by OBJECT_ID(). (For whatever reason, sys.objects isn't an exhaustive list of schema-scoped objects.) –  kmote Jun 21 '12 at 17:09
@kmote - They are not listed in sys.objects directly but there is a row there for each of these –  Martin Smith Dec 10 '13 at 0:47
IF EXISTS(SELECT 1 FROM sys.types WHERE name = 'Person' AND is_table_type = 1 AND SCHEMA_ID('VAB') = schema_id)
(    PersonID               INT
    ,FirstName              VARCHAR(255)
    ,MiddleName             VARCHAR(255)
    ,LastName               VARCHAR(255)
    ,PreferredName          VARCHAR(255)
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Following examples work for me, please note "is_user_defined" NOT "is_table_type"

CREATE TYPE [dbo].[idType] FROM Bigint NOT NULL

IF not EXISTS (SELECT * FROM sys.types WHERE is_user_defined = 1 AND name = 'idType')
CREATE TYPE [dbo].[idType] FROM Bigint NOT NULL
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You can use also system table_types view

IF EXISTS (SELECT * FROM [sys].[table_types] WHERE user_type_id = type_id( N'[dbo].[UdTableType]')) BEGIN PRINT 'EXISTS' END

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