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Please take a look at this sqlfiddle

I'm working on a product review page where several approved reviews will be shown as well as approved responses to each of them. In the TYPE field, 0 means it's a review where 1 means it's a reply to one of the reviews. The repliers aren't allowed to rate the product, so it's NULL in the rating field. ID_GROUP represents which reviews the replies belongs to.

I got the following statement from user John Ruddell in this thread

SELECT pr.*, 
IF( @A = t.id_group, 
   IF(pr.type = 0, 1, 
      IF(@B = 5, @B := 1, @B := @B +1) ), @B ) 
AS group_col, @A := t.id_group 
FROM ( SELECT DISTINCT id, id_group 
      FROM `product_review` 
      WHERE type ='0' 
      AND approved <> '0' 
      GROUP BY id_group 
      ORDER BY rating ASC // <-- This doesn't work
      LIMIT 0, 5 ) t 
JOIN `product_review` pr 
ON pr.id_group=t.id_group 
CROSS JOIN (SELECT @A := '', @B := 1) AS temp 
WHERE approved <> '0'
GROUP BY group_col, id_group 
ORDER BY id_group,time ASC

It's working fine. However I can't yield the following result by adding an additional ORDER BY rating ASC at line 11:

5   Tommy          5         0        2        1    1406937041     2    
9   Sally          5         1      (null)     1    1407871782     3    
3   May            3         0        3        1    1406237410     2    
7   Sam            3         1      (null)     1    1406999453     3    
1   Tom            1         0        5        1    1406232341     1    
2   Peter          1         1      (null)     1    1406237052     2

Can anyone show me how to get this output?

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is it because you are ordering in the subquery ? I would suggest you need to select rating in the subquery then add t.rating to your order by – Hugh Jones Jul 25 '14 at 8:55
@Hugh Jones, my original fiddle isn't able to sort reviews that don't have replies. Your suggestion has fixed that. Fiddle – RedGiant Jul 25 '14 at 10:20
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Add a DESC specifier when ordering by id_group, like so:

ORDER BY id_group DESC, time ASC


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