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My objective is to delete a node along with all its relationships in a single shot in neo4j graph database.

So far, I have been following this approach,

  • Get all the relationships(BOTH direction) for a node
  • delete the relationships
  • finally delete the node.

Is this the standard approach or anything else available? I don't intend to use Cypher query for this. I want to achieve this through Java core API itself.

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I think this is the only and safe way to delete the nodes with multiple relationship.. not sure if its already present some where in api –  agpt Jul 25 at 11:25
Does this essentially have to be performed inside a single transaction?? –  prasanth Jul 25 at 11:57
I am not sure, since I used Spring Data Neo4j which manages transactions :) probably Stefen answer is what u r looking for –  agpt Jul 25 at 12:27

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when using java API the described steps are correct:

 try (Transaction tx = graphDb.beginTx()) {
     Node node = // my node to delete     
     for (Relationship r : node.getRelationships()) {
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Thanks :) But in my case, I will get the relationships for the node in one transaction and delete the node along with its relationships in another transaction. The reason behind this is I am using external lock on the entities before modifying them in the graph database. So for locking the entities during creation/deletion, I need to know the keys. Should I get the keys,lock them and delete them in a single transaction? –  prasanth Jul 25 at 14:14
I'd try this in a single transaction just like you've described in your comment. –  Stefan Armbruster Jul 25 at 20:10
Thanks a lot :) –  prasanth Jul 26 at 6:54

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