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I want to validate a form input with my database before allowing a user to go to the next page of a checkout process. So, if the data is corrrect => go to the next stage, else => stay at the current page, allowing the user to ammend their input

How would I do this?

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I'd recommend that you do server side validation if it is critical that the input is to be validated.

This is a bit of pseudo code, but I would do something like this.

    $error = FALSE;
    // Do your validation here, if some fails, set some
    // error messages and set $error = TRUE
        // There wasn't any errors carry onto next page
        header('Location: /url/to/next/page.php');
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Thanks, this has been quite helpful. –  Fortisimo Mar 23 '10 at 17:28

A user friendly solution is to use javascript to do that, so the page doesn't have to be reloaded with the errors. Take a look at the jQuery validate plugin.

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