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When I try:


On a grid with 24 elements, data has nothing.

Do you know under which conditions this might happen?

enter image description here

(related with JQGrid: Get elements from different pages)

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Are you loading the data dynamically? If so, it's not a parameter. –  Barmar Jul 25 at 11:51
@Irvin, yes I am, that was it. Thank you! –  Luis Gouveia Jul 25 at 11:58
LuisGouveia I simply edited the question, the thanks goes to @Barmar –  Irvin Dominin Jul 25 at 12:00

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The padameter data hold local data of the grid. It will be not filled (stay empty array) if you use remote source (datatype: "json" or datatype: "xml") without loadonce: true option. In the case jqGrid just fill the grid (HTML table) with the page of data returned from the server. In the case the server hold the data only and it is responsible for sorting, paging and filtering/searching of data.

If you have not a large dataset (less as a million or less as 10000 rows) then one have better performance typically by usage of loadonce: true option. In the case the server can just return sorted data with all items. jqGrid will display the first page of such data and will hold all data returned from the server in data and _index parameters. After the first loading jqGrid changes datatype to "local" and all later sorting, paging and searching/filtering of the data will be done without any communication with the server.

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