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I am new to AngularJS and i dont know is it possible to delete all scope variables of a controller.I am using ng-controller with ng-repeat, like this.

<div ng-controller="main">
<div ng-repeat="x in list" ng-controller="test">
    <input type="text" ng-model="text">
     <span ng-click="remove($index)">  x  </span>






I want to remove the clicked scope.Can anyone help me or please suggest me a better way. Thanks

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What do you mean the clicked scope? Do you just want the function to do nothing? –  lucuma Jul 25 at 12:20
I think each element in the ng-repeat have different scope, I think its clear now what clicked task means –  vipin Jul 25 at 12:22
Removing the clicked scope doesn't make much sense to me at all. If you just want to do something else after you've clicked b/c the item has been removed that would make more sense. –  lucuma Jul 25 at 12:24
Actually thats what i mean.sorry –  vipin Jul 25 at 12:27
Can you post the remove function's code? –  lucuma Jul 25 at 12:32

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The question isn't very clear, but it looks like you may want to remove the item after clicking. Since you are passing into the remove function the index, you can splice it out. The DOM will autoupdate and remove that from the list:

$scope.remove = function(i) {

In the event you are doing something different in that you only want to hide it, you would push the index onto another array and then use something like ng-show or ng-hide.

 $scope.remove2 = function(i) {

   $scope.shouldHide = function(i) {
      return $scope.hideList.indexOf(i)!=-1;

<div ng-repeat="number in list2" >
 <span ng-hide='shouldHide($index)' ng-click="remove2($index)">  x  </span>

Here is a simple example of both scenarios. In real life, usually we are dealing with arrays of objects and what you might be doing is setting a property on one of the objects to hidden and controlling it that way.

Demo: http://plnkr.co/edit/G7UINKUCBJ4yZhQNtuJ2?p=info

If you actually want to remove all the keys from the scope:

function removeKeys() {
  for(key in $scope) { 
   if (key.substr(0,1)!='$' && key!='this')
    delete $scope[key];
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the problem is with the controller. I am using the cotroller with ng-repeat –  vipin Jul 29 at 4:39

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