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So I got started with PHP at version 4, and had to make the switch to 5. Now I understand that version 6 is on the way, and that a lot of things have been re-thought.

The changes may be good ones, but in the future, does anyone know about PHP's roadmap? Does it look like it will flatten out?

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The history of PHP is that they don't implement breaking changes without good reason. I've always seen the benefits of the work I had to do porting to new PHP versions. So, I would actually consider it a good thing that the developers aren't afraid of breaking things when it needs to be done.

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Nobody knows about the PHP roadmap, not even the core developpers.

EDIT: Just to avoid misunderstanding, my opinion is based on the PHP mailing lists where developpers are discussing about the possible new features, how they will be implemented and for when it's planned. If you take a look on it, you'll se how volatile these informations are and how often they changed.

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What's the reason of releasing major versions if they don't introduce major changes?

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I'm wondering, does it matter? Why are you concerned about what is going to happen in PHP 7? It can't affect what you are doing now in PHP 5. So far the developers have been good about maintaining old versions of the software, and it doesn't appear that that will change.

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PHP 4.4.9 was the last version o PHP 4. They are recommending that everyone upgrade to 5 – AntonioCS Oct 30 '08 at 10:44

I am really scared with this. I like php and have put a great deal of time in becoming good with php. It's sad and scary to see the developers don't know what the hell they are doing or why they implement this or that in this or that manner. I hope in the future they have a clear vision of php. I do really like php 5 and all it's oop capabilities :) I am doing a little framework just to try to understand more of php. Hope I achieve something with all my work on this little framework :)

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It's not that they don't know what they're doing, it's more that they haven't decided yet where they are going to go. – MDCore Oct 30 '08 at 9:13

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