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I import Nominal2 into my main theory file and in Isabelle/jEdit I can use atom_decl so it works. In ROOT I tried various attempts to specify Nominal2, like

session "techreport" = "HOL" + 
   options [document = pdf, document_output = "output"] 
   theories [document = false] 
   files "document/root.tex" 

but I get bad input or No such file: "Nominal2.thy". I tried to specify a relative path from the dir of IsarIntroduction, and also from the dir of root.tex, in vain.

How can I specify the path for the Nominal2 theory?

update: I use a purposely built Nominal2 image for Isabelle/JEdit

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You should also be able to build on the session (image) Nominal2 like you do in Isabelle/jEdit. For instance:

session "techreport" = "Nominal2" + 
   options [document = pdf, document_output = "output"] 
   files "document/root.tex" 
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Some fiddling led me to the solution.

The No such file: "Nominal2.thy" message came from the isabelle build process which does not see the pre-built image with Nominal2 that Isabelle/jEdit uses. So giving the full path of Nominal2 in the main theory file IsarIntroduction.thy and also in the ROOT file solved the problem.

There was one caveat though: I got a more than two hundred pages long document that included all the development of Infinite_Set.thy. The log contained

Loading theory "Infinite_Set" (required by "IsarIntroduction" 
via "Nominal2" via "Nominal2_Base")

So I had to include

theories [document = false]

in ROOT to prevent this to happen.

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Just to clarify. Your solution is fine, but the reason for your troubles isn't that isabelle build doesn't see the Nominal2 heap image as you state. In your ROOT file you never tried to load this image instead you indicate that the file Nominal2.thy (where the extension is implicit) should be loaded and for that you need the path. isabelle build sees pre-built images just fine, but you would have to incorporate them like lsf37 suggested. – chris Aug 6 '14 at 8:39

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