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When I implement a spellchecker component in a TextEdit, the line beneath misspelled words is straight rather than wavy, as I have it set in the settings. Am I missing something? Things work fine in my MemoEdit controls. It almost looks as though there isn't enough room at the bottom of the TextEdit to fit a wavy line, but it seems like something DevExpress wouldn't have overlooked.

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I think this following link might help you:



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Thanks--the second link answered my question. Don't know how I missed it while searching for an answer. Bummer, though. –  RobC Jul 25 at 14:04
That's why we have this community to help each other to solve issues :) :) –  Ruchi Rahul Doshi Jul 25 at 14:05
In case anyone else runs into this: I ended up modifying the MemoEdit control to accept only one line (by handling its KeyPress and EditValueChanged events) and set the MemoEdit's height to that of a TextEdit using the same font as the MemoEdit. This gave me the behavior I want. –  RobC Jul 26 at 21:33

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