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Lets say you want to serve different content from the same url but still want to be able to use squid caching.

For example caching a logged in users homepage vs another user. Is there anyway to append a cookie to the request url before throwing it into the squid's cache?

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Use the vary header .

So you can have multiple version of a page depending of the vary header. But the browser must send the variant header so you don't have a lot of choice to do this. Cookie header can be use if your use case. Be careful PURGE method doesn't work with variant cache in squid !

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Try playing with storeurl_rewrite_program:


Basically, it acts like a normal Squid rewrite / redirector program, but it ONLY affects the URL used to look up / store in the cache.

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Yeah I looked into using a rewrite program but the program isn't given enough information about the request (ie cookie key/values) to do what I want. For each requested URL rewriter will receive on line with the format URL <SP> client_ip "/" fqdn <SP> user <SP> method <SP> urlgroup [<SP> kvpairs] <NL> currently kvpairs are not supported, I assume they would solve this problem. –  Ken Struys Apr 14 '10 at 13:56
Yes. I've had the same use case, and had to hack Squid to pass a configured request header to the rewriter to help make the decision. It's not a huge change to hack it for a once-off (see store_rewrite.c:storeurlStart), but it's a bit more involved to do it right so it can be folded back into the Squid (which I'd like to do at some point). –  Mark Nottingham Apr 15 '10 at 0:06

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