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Hi guys i have one question that paypal experienced developers should reply easily.

i had a simple buy now form, created by me with all the html variables set in c# code, also the request is made from there. the code is ok for a unique subscription, i mean one time only. But now i've changed that for recurring payments and i need to test it. it works the first time but after that i'm not sure if i get a ipn notification each month or not.

So request looks like this:

   // type of subscription 
        var cmd = isRecurringPayment ? "_xclick-subscriptions" : "_xclick";
        sb.Append(string.Format("cmd={0}", cmd));
        // seller paypal id
        sb.Append(string.Format("&business={0}", sellerID));
        // product name
        sb.Append(string.Format("&item_name=product name {0}", itemName));
        // currency code to 
        // subscription id 
        sb.Append(string.Format("&custom={0}", model.Id));
        // urls to handle paypal payment status
        // complete
        sb.Append(string.Format("&return={0}", complete));
        // canceled by user
        sb.Append(string.Format("&cancel_return={0}", cancel));
        // ipn handler to validate payments
        sb.Append(string.Format("&notify_url={0}", notify));

        if (isRecurringPayment)
            // subscription info
            sb.Append(string.Format("&item_number={0}", "1"));
            var billingCicly = (sType == Models.Enums.SessionType.Annual) ? "Y" : "M";
            // price
            sb.Append(string.Format("&a3={0}", model.Ammount.ToString("N2")));
            // allways one, months or years
            sb.Append(string.Format("&p3={0}", 1));
            // on mm or one yyyy
            sb.Append(string.Format("&t3={0}", billingCicly));
            // Set recurring payments until canceled
            sb.Append(string.Format("&src={0}", 1));
            // subscription detail
            sb.Append(string.Format("&on0={0}", 1));
            // price
            sb.Append(string.Format("&amount={0}", model.Ammount.ToString("N2")));
            // number of itens

And notification handler looks like this:

public ActionResult IPN(int? id)
        // some log here removed for clarification

        if (id != null)
            var formVals = new Dictionary<string, string>();
            formVals.Add("cmd", "_notify-validate");
            string response = GetPayPalResponse(formVals, isSandbox);
            if (response == "VERIFIED")
                string transactionID = Request["txn_id"];
                string sAmountPaid = Request["mc_gross"];

                // validation i need to do 
                // is credit card expired?
                // is subscription canceled?
                // or subscriptions expires but i don't think we need to check this since we have month to month subscriptions with auto renew,
                // so we will never get this transaction type. but just in case we are logging this

                //get transaction type 
                var transactionType = (Request["txn_type"] != null) ? Request["txn_type"].ToString() : "null Value";
                // log it!

                if (string.IsNullOrEmpty(transactionID) || string.IsNullOrEmpty(sAmountPaid))
                     log and throw
                    throw new Exception("bad request!");

                // convert price
                Decimal amountPaid = 0;
                    amountPaid = Convert.ToDecimal(sAmountPaid);
                catch (Exception)

// get payment from database

                if (payment == null)
                    return View(); // stop send notifications since this payments does't exist anymore in our database

                // check the amount paid
                if (payment.Ammount == amountPaid)
                    payment.Status = PaymentStatus.Completed;
                    payment.Status = PaymentStatus.InvalidAmmount;

                // add transaction info to sale
                payment.PaypalTransaction = transactionID;
                payment.Date = DateTime.Now;


               //update user membership subscription also 

        // return status 200 to tell paypall to stop sending notifications
        return View();

So this is working ok for simple payment, and for recurring payment. But recurring payments are just called one time, them after one month i will get the user membership expired since pay pall is not sending the ipn again.

What i'm missing, and what should i change in this code to be able to distinguish from first time buy to renew.

Last question is there a way to call make a call from somewhere to test a renewal? i've add configured a subscription daily today, so i will need to be at my machine tomorrow at the same time to validade the call and debug the code?

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