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I want to send data to a combobox itemrenderer such that it has both dropdown data and the selectedIndex. Please note that the combobox itemrenderer is part of a List.... So if the data is arraycollection, I am trying to get it mapped correctly using list comprehension....


Say the combobox data is in an ArrayCollection var d. I created a new ArrayCollection d1 such that d1 items are {d: d, dSelectedIndex: whatever_val_u_determined}

In the list, I set dataProvider = {d1}

In the itemrenderer for the above list items, I set dataProvider = {data.d} and selectedIndex = {data.dSelectedIndex}

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itemRenderer get data from ComboBox's dataProvider. For example, if you create ComboBox like this

<s:ComboBox itemRendererFunction="myFunction"
             <fx:Object firstName="Steve" lastName="Smith"/>
             <fx:Object firstName="John" lastName="Jones"/>
             <fx:Object firstName="Mary" lastName="Moore"/>

then your itemRenderer will get Object with params firstName and lastName in it's data variable.

<s:ItemRenderer xmlns:fx=""
            xmlns:s="library://" height="30">

    public var country:String;

<s:Label text="{data.firstName + country}"/>

data.firstName will be "Steve" or "John" or "Mary"

If you want to send additional params to itemRenderer you can use ComboBox's itemRendererFunction

private var Rend1:ClassFactory = new ClassFactory(MyItemRenderer);

    private function myFunction(item:Object):ClassFactory { = {country: "USA"};
        return Rend1;

And now in you itemRenderer variable "country" will be "USA"

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