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I'm writing a DecoratorDrawer that allows to give long, meaningfull descriptions for any field in the inspector. I'm aiming for a look like this: enter image description here
(faked in gimp)

That is want a bit lighter background, a rounded border etc.

There are places in the Editor that use this style, for example there are two instances in the lightmapping window: lightmaper window with widget look selected

I can't use EditorGUI.HelpBox because:

  1. I cannot reliably measure the height of contents of the HelpBox. Note that the drawers forbid using EditorGUILayout.

  2. There is no rich text or other way to style the content

  3. Images aren't permited - i'd like to have them as an option later on

Using HelpBox it looks like this:

enter image description here

My question is: is there a hardcoded GUIStyle or UnityEditor/UnityEditorInternal method that allows for displaying information in this style? If not, any idea on how to fake this style? How to make the rounded corners? Remember that there is a pro skin that looks different, so it'd be nice if the solution would work on both skins.

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You can retrieve the HelpBox style by getting it from

Something like

EditorGUILayout.TextArea("This is my text","HelpBox"));

will get you

Note that this will still not allow you to have rich text though. It's disabled by default. To enable it, you can do something like

GUIStyle myStyle ="HelpBox");
myStyle.richText = true;

EditorGUILayout.TextArea("This is my text <b>AND IT IS BOLD</b>", myStyle);

which will result in

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