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So long story short, I'd like to make it so that if a line in a multiline textbox beings with '!' it makes the line color red. Otherwise, it remains black.

Sounds simple with an if statement, but I can't seem to figure out what exactly to do. Is such a thing possible?

I'm using C#. *To clarify, I would like it to do it automatically, not needing a button to be pressed.

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Probably with a RichTextBox it is easier. –  Steve Jul 25 at 17:39
You need a RichTextBox, AFAIK TextBox doesn't supports multiple colors. –  Sriram Sakthivel Jul 25 at 17:40
I've looked into RichTextBox, and I'm aware of it's ability to change a line's colors, but I'm not sure how I would go about actually 'scanning' the line for the '!'. –  Revan114 Jul 25 at 17:43
RichTextBox has Find method, Lines property, and SelectionColor property. Work on it, come back when you're struck. Thank you.. –  Sriram Sakthivel Jul 25 at 17:49
Alright, sounds easy enough then. Guess I didn't look into it enough, thanks! –  Revan114 Jul 25 at 17:52

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TextBox does not support what you need, you should use RichTextBox.

Anyway the simplest way to do what you want with a RichTextBox is to take the text out of it, clear the contents and add the text back with your desired formatting:

private void FormatTextBox(RichTextBox richText, string p, 
            Color textColor, Color highColor)
    string[] lines = richText.Lines;
    richText.Text = "";

    foreach (string line in lines)
        richText.SelectionColor = line.StartsWith(p) ? highColor : textColor;
        richText.AppendText(line + "\n");


private void button1_Click(object sender, EventArgs e)
    FormatTextBox(richTextBox1, "!", Color.Black, Color.Red);

Of course this can be improved with using selection or adding the same-formatted text in a single AppendText call, but as I said this is simple.

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Pretty much what I was looking for, been a bit stumped for the past 30 minutes but this is a push in the right direction for me. Thanks for the help fellas. –  Revan114 Jul 25 at 18:23
You're welcome. I kept it simple exactly for that matter :) –  Alireza Jul 25 at 18:24
Now I'm having trouble trying to make it automatically do this without the need of pressing a button. I ran into something like this when I made a linecounter label, so I ended up wiring it to a timer, but this is a bit more complicated than that. Any tips? –  Revan114 Jul 25 at 18:41
The solution depends on the amount of text in your RichTextBox –  Alireza Jul 25 at 18:43

Might not be perfect, but it does the job:

        string charac = "!";
        int lengthAll = richTextBox1.TextLength;
        int location = richTextBox1.Find(charac);
        int length = lengthAll-location;
        richTextBox1.Select(location, length);
        richTextBox1.SelectionColor = Color.Red;

In the RichTextBox I just wrote some simple line with a ! in it.

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