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I have a file like this with user names

Alexandra               Chaidez
Alexis                  Riley
Anela                   Salkic
Anna                    Maloney
April                   Szymanski
Areli                   Morales

I want to remove the extra spacing in between names to a single space like this

Alexandra Chaidez
Alexis Riley
Anela Salkic
Anna Maloney
April Szymanski
Areli Morales

I have searched and cant find anything that will do this please help!!

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Have you looked into regular expressions? –  Boumbles Jul 25 at 19:57
notepad++ supports PCRE style regular expressions for search and replace. I would recommend to move this question to SuperUser. –  VMai Jul 25 at 21:11
This question would be appropriate for SuperUser, but it's not off-topic here. Notepad++ is a tool used for programming, and the help center says that questions regarding software tools used by programmers are on-topic here on SO as well. –  SLawson Jul 25 at 21:50

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Use the regex:

[ \t]+

and replace everything found with a single space character.

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For "Find What"

(\w+) +(\w+)

For "Replace With" (notice the space between)

$1 $2

Then set the Search Mode to "Regular Expression".

See a demo of this.

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