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Please give me some insight on how to get the best start on applying Aspect Oriented Programming to my C#.net applications?

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Aspect Oriented Programming – KMån Jul 21 '12 at 13:03
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PostSharp has the added advantage that it does it's AOP by doing IL weaving. In fact it adds code to the Il when/or just after compiling. Which makes the builds slower but it should be faster at runtime.

Some other do this at runtime (the castle project and I think it's windsor in there that does the AOP) which is slower at runtime but faster to build.

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I recommend trying Spring.NET. It lets you create "Interceptor" classes that can be wrapped around calls into business objects simply by adding entries into the application's config file.

We've used it to do connection/transaction handling, error logging and authentication. Which keeps all of those "aspects" out of the business logic code.

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PostSharp is a fairly straightforward way of adding aspects to your C# code.

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