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When I request a particular URL (/ssomanager.osp) I am sent a cookie:

Set-Cookie: o3sisCookie=tEa3rio9Iejpha8P2k2HYW6gNv+KE+MuV/rP+RsNHdQcnQ124+OWituqw1Ze665feTWB6g6TPnr1387d4qK9gg==; Domain=o2online.ie

Since there is no path, Chrome seems to associate this with '/' enter image description here

But my HttpClient / CookieContainer are treating it as belonging only the URL that I requested.enter image description here

The next page on the same domain I request with Chrome will send up this cookie. But the next .GetAsync() I make with my HttpClient will NOT send up this cookie.

This seems to be the same issue described here: CookieContainer handling of paths (Who ate my cookie?)

But my question is, how do you work around it - assuming I have lots of these cookies, what is the general case solution?

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N/m, I read the spec wrong –  Tim Jul 25 '14 at 20:14

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