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I have some videos uploaded on viddler, now need the raw file/video link in mp4 format so i send it as a json rest API request to the android app,at the moment I can get the html links to it but I need this too, is such a thing possible? My website is in word press, and I am using the Viddler WordPress plugin.

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After my wrong comment, A quick look at there API documentation. I think you would use viddler.videos.getDetails and after json_decode()'ing it access the value as:




Which would be a url like:

Or whichever one returns something like the following is what your after: (Note: I dont use there API, and it doesn't show the format of the url in the documentation):

Also there is a Viddler PHP Wrapper that might make it easyier for you then writing your own wrapper for there API.

Edit see comment,

By you supplying the link to the video, I can deduce my answer to:

Its not a direct link to the file; a9fcd88d is the id for that video. Your need to use that id as the video_id parameter, in the following API request (viddler.videos.getDetails):

GET /api/v2/viddler.videos.getDetails.php?sessionid=SESSIONID&key=YOUR_API_KEY&video_id=a9fcd88d

Its all in the docs link above, see click this link (notice the id) your see its webm type or HTML5 fallback video.

But, your after .mp4 version which is not offered as std, so your need to use that id(a9fcd88d) to get the mp4 version from that API result set, which I don't know the result of $resp->video->url response, because its not in the docs, else it would be easy to just parse the id and download in mp4 format.

Also they make a futile attempt to make it secure by the player being built through an iframe with javascript, obfuscation and a XSRF token but with some simple console and breakpoints its trivial to get to the actual path of the video and download it (fail...):

How long that key parameter stays active I dont know... (edit) actually couple of minutes later its now the following, so it is time based.

Hope it helps, basically use the API to get the unsecured mp4 version url, which I presume will be in $resp->video->url

Edit 2

But unless you want to download the video, you might as well use the provided embed code link in an iframe, for example.

$video_id = 'a9fcd88d'; 

echo '<iframe width="100%" 
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