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I floated my sidebar to the right. I'm having trouble trying to get the of class container to hang out to the left of the side bar. I tried floating the side bar to the left, but it seem like my containers get pushed down. Thanks!


#sidebar {
margin: 10px 0 0 0; 
border: 2px solid black;
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remember you need to rest the border from the width

In your case Width 150px Border 2px ----> Width = 150-2px(from left)-2px(from right) = 146px

Do the same with your container....

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An easy answer us to add this to your CSS:

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This happens because you are specifying the width of the article.container elements as 100%. Since there is not enough room for it to have the width that you ask it, the browser pushes it down. If you put a margin-right of 15em on the containing element, the containers will be placed correctly as seen in this fork of your jsFiddle:


The principal change was adding a class to the (simply for targetting from CSS) and then adding the following rule:

section.the-section {

You typically must allocate room for floated sidebars using margins or padding.

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