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Given a simple C# class definition like:

    public class SimpleBase
        public string PropertyOne { get; set; }
        public string PropertyTwo { get; set; }

why is it not possible to omit the sys:string tags around the word Test in the xaml below.

<custom:SimpleBase x:Class="TestType"

Somehow the compiler correctly converts text to string for the type String, why doesn't it work for my custom type?

The context can be found on my blog: http://www.deconflations.com/?tag=xaml

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So, after much digging I unearthed the problem. In order to be able to support custom content the base class MUST be declared in a different assembly.

Talk about obscure. Still, move the definition of SimpleBase to a new assembly and update the definition of xmlns:custom to match and Bingo, no more errors with just using direct string content.

Thanks for reading.

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