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I want to use an online CMS (preferably Drupal) to create / update my website, but I also want it viewable on an Android powered kiosk as a portal to a particular website that needs to be quick (impervious to bandwidth).

The only way to do that I think is to use the kiosk as an offline browser. What's the best way you think to do that? I was thinking:

1) Manage my website using Drupal, which uses PHP. It's powerful, easy, free, and what I'm familiar with, and I can cripple the admin so it's safe to have less-skilled administers manage it.

2) Linux bash will do the PHP-to-HTML conversion making it offline readable, so I should be able to do this on the server with this command: *.php > *.html

3) The embedded links will still end in ".php" so I can change them to ".html" with sed command

4) pull the content to local kiosk with rsync, nightly or as needed. (is there something better than rsync - I've had such a hard time getting it to work reliably in the past).

What do you think? Did I miss anything? Is there a better way to accomplish what I want to do?

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